ETHIQLO Corporate

We connect Businesses with makers.

Eco – friendly, traditional hand craft skills and techniques are given up due to mass made products. When you spend your hardly earned money, you want to know whether you’re getting a quality product, and that your money will be used in a way that conforms to your beliefs.

Then, we realized that it can’t be an individual effort, but synergy would create a better tomorrow for all.  This realization gave birth to ETHIQLO – Ethical, quality living for all, people, animals and Nature.

We connect businesses or organizations who are looking for bulk supplies of locally made high quality products without hazzle.

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Let’s our dedicated, experienced account manager to look after the rest.

Eco Team Pvt Ltd
Deanen Kids
Onela Herbal Products
MYST Holdings
Ralahami (PVT) Ltd

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