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Welcome to ETHIQLO marketplace seller community

We created this platform for Sri Lanka’s talented, creative emerging designers, finest artisans, and health and wellness producers to showcase their own independent brands.

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No commission is taken from Charity run businesses, not for profit organizations and entrepreneurs with disabilities.

Benefits to you

Selling products in the ETHIQLO marketplace gives you the following benefits in addition to bringing your products to customers looking for quality products around the world.

Advertise your products worldwide with our Facebook and Instagram sites

Our agreement with courier companies make sure your package is shipped half the normal price

Money to your own account in 7 days

A separate page on the site to introduce you and your product

Guidance from ETHIQLO corporate, which facilitates the wholesale marketing of your products

Charge a minimum commission of 14%

24-hour, seven days a week continuous seller service support by dedicated account manager

A YouTube channel that introduces you and your organization

ETHIQLO academy with advice and guidance on improving the quality and marketing of your products

We will forward the courier to your home; Hassle free

Why should you join us?

There are several online marketplaces in Sri Lanka, but we differ from them because of the following features

  1. Completely sell only quality products created or manufactured by Sri Lankans
  2. Targeting a Consumer Group that seeks only products that are of high quality, fair trade policy
  3. Introducing Sri Lankan creations to the local and overseas markets where ethical values are admired.
  4. To facilitate maximum promotion of designers on the site
  5. Governance by a 100% Sri Lankan owned company

See the Seller code of conduct

If you’d like further information before applying, check out our welcome pack or email

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Who are your customers?

We appeal to Sri Lankan Diaspora, scattered all over the world, who is willing to do something for the motherland, to support Sri Lankan young creators, anyone in Sri Lanka who believes in ‘Sri Lanka first’ principle, can opt for SL made high quality, ethical and sustainable products and thereby contribute to Sri Lankan economy by helping the Sri Lankan artisans. We also request all the conscious customers in the world who love Sri Lanka and her hospitality, and admire give and take principles, help Sri Lanka in this difficult situation by buying Sri Lankan products.

Its your responsibility to make them happy and proud about you and your product.

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